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Urea is a highly concentrated, solid, nitrogenous fertilizer, containing 46.0% Nitrogen. Itis completely soluble in water hence Nitrogen is easily available to crops.It contains Nitrogen in a milder form which changes to ammonical forms and is retrieved by soil colloids for longer duration. Urea is available in granular form and can be applied by drill and broadcasting.Urea is ideally suitable for all types of crops and for foliar spray which instantly removes nitrogen deficiency. Urea also has a strong and long lasting effect on crop resulting in bumper crops. Carbonic acid present in Urea helps in absorption of other nutrients like phosphate and Potash by roots of crop.
Ammonia is crucial for the world's agricultural industry. All fertilizers that contain nitrogen are produced by using Ammonia. Ammonia is a colorless gas with a characteristic pungent smell. It is lighter than air, its density being 0.589 times that of air.The liquid boils at −33.3 °C (−27.94 °F), and freezes at −77.7 °C (−107.86 °F) to white crystals. Production of fertilizers is by far the most important use of ammonia. India is the third largest producer of ammonia in the world. Globally, approximately 88% (as of 2014) of ammonia is used as fertilizers either as its salts, solutions or anhydrously. When applied to soil, it helps provide increased yields of crops such as maize and wheat. 110 million tons of Ammonia are applied each year throughout the world. Haldor Topsoe-Denmark is the Process Licensor for this Ammonia Plant.

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RFCL News /Press Release

Start of HRSG Alkali boil out on 08/07/2020

Routing of Gas Turbine (GT) Exhaust to HRSG and GTG loading up to 5MW on 08/07/2020.

Gas Turbine Generator (GTG) run on open cycle at 1.5 MW load on 07/07/2020.

Completion of Catalyst loading in High Temperature Exchange Reformer (HTER) on 05/07/2020.

Receipt of first Ammonia tanker at site and start of Nitrogen replacement with Ammonia in Bulk Ammonia Storage Tank on 04/07/2020.

Successful solo test run of Process Air Compressors Steam Turbine on 18/06/2020.

Successful catalyst loading in all 240 Primary Reformers tubes on 12/06/2020.

Successful catalyst loading in Secondary Reformer on 12/06/2020.

Power was charged for the first time in 220 KV switch Yard on 30 March 2019

Sub-Station 1 successfully energized on 22 April 2019.

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